Timglaset #3 Nonsense is the sixth sense

This issue of Timglaset fanzine is dedicated to the absurd, the nonsensical and the grotesque. Jokes and puns as serious artistic endeavour, but also boredom, seriousness and earnestness used to absurd or humouristic ends.
Some of the inspiration was provided by:
Akbar del Piombo Fuzz Against Junk (book), Eric Andersen The Untactis of Music (song), Hugo Ball Karawane (poem), Jacques Carelman Catalogue d’Objets Introuvables (drawings), Ivor Cutler Lemon Flower (song), Bill Domonkos, GIF-animations, Bruno Dumont P’tit Quinquin (film), Jean Ferry Traveller With Luggage (story), Robert Filliou Futile Box (artwork), Franquin Black Pages (comic), John Greaves Peter Blegvad Lisa Herman Kew.Rhone. (album), Peter Greenaway The Falls (film), Ernst Jandl Tohuwabohu (poem/song), Lyrikvännen 6/2012 Nonsens (magazine issue), Marx Brothers Mirror scene from Duck Soup (film), Francis Picabia Parade Amoureuse (painting), Erik Satie A Mammal’s Notebook (writings), Soft Machine A Concise British Alphabet (song), Emmett Williams Duet (spoken word), ZNR Garden Party (song).
Editor: Joakim Norling
Design and co-editor: Kolja Ogrumov
Contributors: Bengt Adlers, Tryne Algbom, Paul Bareham, Michael Björn, Ivor Cutler, Dolly Dolly, Bobbilott Fika, Amande de Frumerie, Elias Hillström, Ozelot, Petra Schulze-Wollgast, Paul Snowdon, Robin Tomens.
36 pages, edition of 100, full colour digital print
The release party was held at Östervärns antikvariat & bokhandel, Malmö and included a talk with, poetry by and the firing of a toy gun by Bengt Adlers, Jonas Ellerström on Ivor Cutler and a tribute to Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd by Bengt Adlers, Joakim Norling and Bobbilott Fika.

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