There is something very unsettling about the collages in Robin Tomens’ Too Much To Bear, his first book for Timglaset Editions. The style is graphic, bold and punky. Images of luscious women in cocktail dresses and successful men in sixties suits are juxtaposed with industrial architecture, weaponry, snippets of political writing and advertising slogans. The dream of endless happiness in the consumer society has gone awry. And if there’s a wry irony in messages like “taste that beats the other cold” and “key to a richer life” in the early pages of the book, then the second part quickly descends into an even darker place where “every man is his own furnace”.

Too Much To Bear is made up of 24 collages in full colour. Hand-bound digital print with a rubber-stamped card cover. Edition of 100 numbered copies.

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Robin Tomens is an artist and writer living in London. His book about jazz, Points of Departure, was published in 2001. More of his collages and visual poetry at Out Of My Mind.

Robin Tomens: Too Much To Bear
28 pages
20 x 20 cm CMYK
Hand-bound & hand-stamped
Edition of 100

Sweden and the UK: £12,30

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Rest of Europe: £14,60

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Rest of the World: £15,00

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