Timglaset #4 The Magic of Objects

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For this issue of Timglaset our contributors where given a set of rules they had to stick to:

1. Choose one object in the room where you write or make art.
2. With that object as a starting point write an essay, a story or a poem, or make a collage, a drawing, a painting or a piece of music.
3. You must not bring the object into the room specifically to write etc about it. It must be an object which is already in the room when you decide to start.
4. The object must be everyday in the sense that anyone can be expected to have something to say or express about it if they so wish. I e don’t write about the ritual ocarina you were given by a shaman in Kazakhstan. It can however be an everyday object that is special to you, like that pen knife you were given by your father on your twelfth birthday. On the other hand it might just as well be a coaster you probably bought seven or eight years ago at Ikea but you don’t really remember or don’t really care – if that inspires you.
5. The object may not be a book, a work of art or a record.
6. Be as funny or solemn as you wish.
7. Be as brief or as longwinded as you wish (within the limits given by the 36-page fanzine format).

After deadline all the writing and art was posted to the contributors who then had the chance to “comment” on each other’s contributions by making a new one about the same object. This is the result.

Editor: Joakim Norling
Designed by: Petra Schulze-Wollgast

Contributors: Bengt Adlers, Derek Beaulieu, Ingemar Breithel, Dolly Dolly, Jonas Ellerström, Per Engström, Bobbilott Fika, Hr Henningsson, Elisabeth Mansén, Joakim Norling, David Price, Petra Schulze-Wollgast, Paul Snowdon, Robin Tomens.

36 pages, edition of 100, full colour digital print.


Download a free pdf of this issue!

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