Robin Tomens: Prints

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Robin Tomens is a visual artist and his new book Prints is an eruption of creative image-making. For those of us who follow his prolific output on his blog it’s no surprise that he can present 78 new images less than a year after Timglaset Editions published Too Much To Bear. On the other hand are these images the result of careful selection from a much larger body of work.

Those who are prone to look for influences in art might find traces of Sigmar Polke, Dieter Roth, Robert Rauschenberg, James Rosenquist and other great printmakers in Tomens’ art but Tomens’ imagery is his very own. Sourcing digital images of a wide variety he uses a multitude of manipulative printing techniques to create explosions of colour and form that are sometimes disturbing, often political in content and always engaging.

It’s a pleasure for Timglaset Editions to publish Robin Tomens’ Prints in an edition of just 10 copies. 84 pages, 78 full colour images + front and back, digitally printed, format: A4.



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