Timglaset #7 Errata

Errata cover Kit Records KR26 version

Timglaset #7 Errata is a celebration of artistic mistakes, the use of errors and glitches in
a creative way, and other interpretations of the word.

It is also a collaboration between Timglaset and our friends Kit Records, born out of mutual respect and devotion to diy ideals.

The package contains 44-page full colour zine and 39 min, 12-track tape, both enclosed in a clear plastic bag.

Zine contains new art and writing by Anthony Etherin (UK), Bengt Adlers (SE), C.R.E. Wells (US), Dawn Nelson Wardrope (UK), Eva Jacobson (SE), Francesco Aprile (IT), Jane Pearrett (UK), Johannes S.H. Bjerg (DK), John M. Bennett (US), Jonas Ellerström (SE), Lina Nordenström (SE), Malcolm Green (UK/DE), Marco Giovenale (IT), Paul Tone (UK), Petra Schulze-Wollgast (DE), Rachel Defay-Liautard (FR), Robin Tomens (UK).

Tape contains new music and sounds by Amanda Feery (IR), Devonanon (UK/SE), Disasterpeace (US), Dolly Dolly & Time Attendant (UK), HALFNELSON (UK), Helena Celle (UK), Jake Meginsky (UK), Jib Kidder (US), Mary Lattimore (US), Michael Björn (SE).

Listen to one of the tracks on the tape:

Released 26 October 2017. The release party was held at Bookartbookshop, London.





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