David Kjellin, Latent Possibilities

David Kjellin: What is latent in the rational discourse of science? The scholarly article, with its highly standardised composition, is a pragmatic genre: the focus is on the message and to facilitate the reviewing by other researchers.

By blacking out the words and charts, and thus the semantic content of the pages, it became possible for me to look for and discover new patterns. The patterns highlight that which is felt, but not always seen (spaces, paragraphing, indention, punctuation). At the same time the patterns emerge fresh, with properties entirely their own.

This is not a reinterpretation nor a destruction of meaning, but rather a translation of the form and structure of the text. The birth of a new alphabet. A new text. A teeming city.

Latent Possibilities is David Kjellin’s first chapbook. He has self-published an e-book, 103 Translations, and his work has been published in Otoliths, Brave New Word Magazine and Timglaset zine. He’s a poet, mountaineer and librarian and he lives in Gothenburg, Sweden and online at https://stillstairwell.tumblr.com/

David Kjellin, Latent Possibilities, 16 pages, digital print, 203 x 138 mm, handsewn with waxed linen thread, 50 SEK + postage.


Download a free pdf of Latent Possibilities!


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