Lina Nordenström, every letter b be come become

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     it is all about    tI’m

Swedish book artist Lina Nordenström’s every letter b be come become is a work one wouldn’t hesitate to call meta-poetic but for the fact that Nordenström insists she is not a poet. Over the course of 15 pages carefully typed on an Olympia typewriter and hand drawn, Nordenström investigates the particles that constitute language with an acute feeling for the sounds and shapes of letters and words.

every letter… is playful, rhythmic and made with great awareness of the spatial properties of typed language. It has a jazzy, improvised feel to it but is carefully constructed. Puns, wordplay, alliteration and assonance are some of the tools frequently used but Nordenström also shifts seamlessly between English and Swedish, and back again, when it suits her purposes, thereby uncovering similarities and differences in the use of language particles.

Lina Nordenström, every letter b be come become. Main language: English, with some Swedish. 17 pages digitally printed on Munken Cream Print 150 gsm from a typed and hand drawn original. Cover and back cover letterpress printed on grey, 300 gsm board at Grafikverkstan Godsmagasinet, Uttersberg, Sweden. Handbound in an edition of 100 copies. 10 Euro + shipping.

Lina Nordenström, every letter … (international)

Includes worldwide international shipping


Lina Nordenström, every letter … (inom Sverige)

Inkluderar porto inom Sverige


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