Timglaset #2 The Psychogeography of Imaginary Cities


Some of the inspiration provided for this issue was Judith Schalansky’s novel Atlas of Remote Islands, the back cover of Laura Nyro’s album New York Tendaberry, Träsket by Kristian Petri (book), James Ferraro, Global Lunch (song), Ben Katchor’s Julius Knipl, Real Estate Photographer (cartoon), Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius by Jorge Luis Borges (story), Johannus Arpensium’s Ostend (Invisible Cities) (song), Mark Hollis’ Thamesmead project (artworks), Viktor Rosdahl’s Bröllopsnatt på SKF (painting), Paulina Pietilä, Trappa 1 (painting), the rooftop scene from Paris Nous Appartient by Jacques Rivette, Danny the Street (comics character), childhood memories of Kronprisentorget, Malmö.

Editor: Joakim Norling
Designed by: HollisArt

Ingemar Breithel, Dolly Dolly, Jonas Ellerström, Elias Hillström, Mark Hollis, Mattias Holmberg, Joakim Norling, Eddie Spex, Robin Tomens.

This issue of Timglaset included a custom-made postcard with a download code for Det andra Malmö by Testbild!,a musical portrait of vanishing vistas of Malmö, photographs by Rattigan Glumphoboo and a film by Kolja Ogrumov.

Edition of 100, 32 pages, full colour digital print


Download a free pdf of this issue

Download Det andra Malmö by Testbild! for free (or pay whatever you like)

The release party was held at Östervärns antikvariat & bokhandel, Malmö and included the first screening of Det andra Malmö by Kolja Ogrumov featuring the music of Testbild! Other highlights included a recorded version of Ernst Jandl’s poem Bericht über Malmö.

Watch Det andra Malmö by Kolja Ogrumov, with music by Testbild! and photos by Rattigan Glumphoboo.

Timglaset #1 The Kitchen Sink Surrealist


The interpretation of the motto has been subjected to the individual whims of the contributors. Some of the inspiration mentioned has been The Hearing Trumpet, Edward Gorey, abstract surrealists like Bertil Lundberg and Graham Sutherland, Mumsy, Nanny, Sonny & Girlie, Rawlinson’s End, sound of Time Attendant, collages by Max Ernst, Carré’s ice making machine, the cover art of Bombastica!, music by Lars Werner & hans vänner, drunkenness and friendship, Daisies, Denise Bellon’s photograph of women of the surrealist group in 1960 and Polish book covers from the 60’s.

Editor: Joakim Norling
Designer and co-editor: Kolja Ogrumov

Contributors to this issue: Ingemar Breithel, Dolly Dolly, Jonas Ellerström, Frida Everling, Leonor Fini, Amanda de Frumerie, Rattigan Glumphoboo, Elias Hillström, Joakim Norling, Paul Snowdon, Lars-Håkan Svensson

Full colour digital print, edition of 100


Download a free pdf of this issue!

English translation of Leonor Fini’s story The Stubborn Girl

Timglaset were kindly invited as guests to a release party at Ellerströms förlag. Elias Hillström read his poems from the issue, Amanda de Frumerie’s painting was displayed and a recording of Dolly Dolly reading his story (S)Exit was played.

Listen to or download remixes of Dolly Dolly’s (S)Exit here!