Cecilie Bjørgås Jordheim: Ensō / Rondo

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Staff lines in a circle, hand drawn with a rolling ink stamp, in one uninhibited stroke; the ensō is a practice related to zen and the idea of wabi-sabi; often explained as the beauty of imperfection. The straff lines suggesting the rondo: a repetitive and circular way of composing music.

Combined with the idea of the sustained or repeated tone in minimalistic drone-based music, often characterised by lengthy audio performances, the ensō, on the other hand, is a documentation of the creator’s state of mind and the context of creation in a brief period of time.

Ensō / Rondo is a box containing 31 A6 Ensō / Rondo cards, hand drawn on the first 31 days of 2018 by Cecilie Bjørgås Jordheim. Printed and packed, together with a numbered information sheet, in a handmade box by Timglaset Press. Edition of 30 of which 18 were for sale. Another 20 will be made to order. 18 euro, 180 SEK.

Ships bubble wrapped in a sturdy package. Expect some delivery time.

Cecilie Bjørgås Jordheim, Ensō / Rondo

Incl international shipping and package.


Cecilie Bjørgås Jordheim, Ensō / Rondo

Porto inom Sverige samt paketering

226.00 Skr

Robin Tomens, Restoration of Time

Robin Tomens, whose Too Much To Bear was the very first book published by Timglaset, returns with Restoration of Time, a six-panel-sequence of focused vispo. An eerily familiar silhouette of a man with a hat on his head moves through the sequence while snippets of theoretical texts on language, labour and society cover his body and enter the panels in splinters and blocks.

Robin Tomens is an artist, blogger, collagist and visual poet. He works with both digital and analog media. His book on Jazz, Points of Departure, was published by Stride and Timglaset has also published his Prints.

Restoration of Time, 8 pages, size 17 x 24 cm, laser printed in black and white and stapled fanzine-style in an edition of 50 copies. 3 euro + postage.

Restoration of Time

Including international postage


Restoration of Time

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39.00 Skr

Gary Barwin, Quantum Typography

Quantum Typography by Canadian author Gary Barwin is a chapbook of visual poetry that goes beyond the realm of the possible. From the foreword by the author:

Why quantum typography?
Because language is an impossible shape.
It exists in two states at once.
We say the shape of language. We see the sound.

This chapbook contains 23 visual poems that break the boundaries of the printed alphabet with a foreword by Gary Barwin. Full colour high quality digital print, 32 pages, a5 size, staple bound. 99 numbered copies. 8 Euros.


Download a free pdf of Quantum Typography here!

derek beaulieu, isostatisk landhöjning

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isostatisk landhöjning is a visual poem of staggering proportions. This swirling, dynamic composition made of Letraset debris measures 80 x 20 cm (31,5″ x 7,9″).

In derek beaulieu’s own words:

isostatisk landhöjning is the Swedish phrase for the post-glacial scraping and land-forming which results in the geography of northern countries (Canada and Sweden for example); this scraping results in inlets, small lakes and crenelated coastlines. This piece metaphorically scrapes the surface of writing, leaving behind the islands and coastlines of littered text; deposits left behind as meaning recedes.

Timglaset press is proud and pleased to publish isostatisk landhöjning by derek beaulieu as a leporello folded book in a handfolded, rubber stamped envelope. The poem itself has been screenprinted on Scandia 2000 170g paper by master screenprinter Michael Lönnström at (3)screen, Malmö.

isostatisk landhöjning

Leporello folded international postage


isostatisk landhöjning

leporello-bok porto inom Sverige

138.00 Skr

There is also a limited unfolded edition available. This edition will be shipped in a sturdy cardboard tube.

isostatisk landhöjning

unfolded rolled up edition international postage and packing


isostatisk landhöjning

ovikt rullad upplaga porto och pack inom Sverige

187.00 Skr

Johannes S.H. Bjerg, 19 Gestures and Their Corresponding Words

Timglaset is proud to present 19 Gestures and Their Corresponding Words by Danish writer and artist Johannes S.H. Bjerg. In this beautiful book Bjerg, inventor of the parallell haiku, combine gestural Indian ink drawings with one line haiku poems. Alternately lyrical, perplexing and hilarious these haiku demonstrate Bjerg’s mastery of the form and its relevance as a contemporary mode of expression.

22 pages, printed in black & white with a grey cardboard cover. Handsewn with Japanese four-hole binding in waxed, black linen thread. Edition of 49 numbered copies of which 29 are for sale.


19 Gestures is now available as a free download here..

More work by Johannes S.H. Bjerg at http://megaga.dk/


C. R. E. Wells, to let lack


Timglaset proudly presents a new 8-page leaflet by C. R. E. Wells:

This short sequence resulted from one of my many attempts to create digital work originating from physical mixed-media pieces. The phrase “to let lack” appeared in the original collage, and it resonated with my experiments in brightness/contrast, blurring, erasure, and other “subtractive” techniques.

C. R. E. Wells lives in central Ohio, USA with his wife and animals. His work has appeared online and in print in several publications. His visual works have been exhibited locally and internationally. He shares poetry, visual poetry and mail art regularly on his blog. In 2017 Luna Bisonte Prods published Twofold Silences, a chapbook of procedural/visual work.

to let lack was manufactured in an edition of 49 copies, of which 25 are for sale. Printed in full colour, a5 format, on 120 g ivory paper, handbound with brown, black or natural colour thread. 8 pages.


Download a free pdf of to let lack  here!!


Timglaset #7 Errata

Errata cover Kit Records KR26 version

Timglaset #7 Errata is a celebration of artistic mistakes, the use of errors and glitches in
a creative way, and other interpretations of the word.

It is also a collaboration between Timglaset and our friends Kit Records, born out of mutual respect and devotion to diy ideals.

The package contains 44-page full colour zine and 39 min, 12-track tape, both enclosed in a clear plastic bag.

Zine contains new art and writing by Anthony Etherin (UK), Bengt Adlers (SE), C.R.E. Wells (US), Dawn Nelson Wardrope (UK), Eva Jacobson (SE), Francesco Aprile (IT), Jane Pearrett (UK), Johannes S.H. Bjerg (DK), John M. Bennett (US), Jonas Ellerström (SE), Lina Nordenström (SE), Malcolm Green (UK/DE), Marco Giovenale (IT), Paul Tone (UK), Petra Schulze-Wollgast (DE), Rachel Defay-Liautard (FR), Robin Tomens (UK).

Tape contains new music and sounds by Amanda Feery (IR), Devonanon (UK/SE), Disasterpeace (US), Dolly Dolly & Time Attendant (UK), HALFNELSON (UK), Helena Celle (UK), Jake Meginsky (UK), Jib Kidder (US), Mary Lattimore (US), Michael Björn (SE).

Listen to one of the tracks on the tape:

Released 26 October 2017. The release party was held at Bookartbookshop, London.