Timglaset #5: Disappearances

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This issue of Timglaset was inspired by the cover art by Anna-Karin Brus. A record number of participants then made their own interpretation of “disappearance” in pictures or words. The result is the meatiest issue so far, 48 glorious pages.

A note to our non-Swedish readers: This issue contains an unusually high amount of text in Swedish, 19 pages. For this reason the price including shipping is the same for Sweden and the rest of the world, which means we actually subsidise part of the postage cost. How grand of us!

Paul Snowdon: Alternate Tunnel Study (drawing)
Bobbilott Fika: Each Month Two School Classes Disappear (conceptual writing)
Robin Tomens: Serious Readers (mixed media)
Elias Hillström: Gå bort (dikt på svenska)
Jonas Ellerström: Genom öknen – Isabelle Eberhardt och Pierre Loti (essä på svenska)
Miri Berlin: On a Secret Mission (photographs)
Filip Lindberg: Dikt (på svenska)
Paul Tone: Lost Narratives (digital art)
Per Engström: Jag har glömt (utdrag ur ett pågående arbete, på svenska)
Petra Schulze-Wollgast: Blind Type (letterpress prints)
Ingemar Breithel: Domestic Disappearances (found photographs)
Bengt Adlers: Time Exit (poem)
Dolly Dolly: Walking Down the Avenue (story)
Ozelot: Tornado (ink and gouache)
David Price: A Note On Moving House (text and photographs)
Marie Fjellborg: Minnet av Benjaman (essä på svenska)
Jonas Ellerström: Nästan ingenting (dikter på svenska)

Edited and designed by Joakim Norling

48 pages, edition of 111, full colour digital print


8 EUR incl postage & packing
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petra schulze-wollgast: ciphertext

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petra schulze-wollgast is an artist with the ability to develop new, striking designs through experimentation with only the contents of the typographer’s case. In her print series ciphertext the building blocks are not many but they are varied and combined in ever new and surprising ways. The large coloured blocks are created using the backsides of large wood types.

Together, the seven images in the ciphertext series represent a typographical anagram but like all good anagram-makers psw allows herself minor irregularities that are not too obvious at first sight.

ciphertext is also psw’s tribute to one of the great pioneers of typographic art, the Dutchman H N Werkman. Werkman was probably the first person to put colour onto the backsides of types in order to create blocks and shapes that no printer had hitherto imagined. psw has used that technique in the ciphertext series.

Timglaset Editions is very proud to publish ciphertext by petra schulze-wollgast in a handbound edition of 60 copies. This book has 20 pages in a 20×20 cm format,high quality digital print, and a grey cardboard cover with the title and psw’s signature rubberstamped in black.


Timglaset #4 The Magic of Objects

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For this issue of Timglaset our contributors where given a set of rules they had to stick to:

1. Choose one object in the room where you write or make art.
2. With that object as a starting point write an essay, a story or a poem, or make a collage, a drawing, a painting or a piece of music.
3. You must not bring the object into the room specifically to write etc about it. It must be an object which is already in the room when you decide to start.
4. The object must be everyday in the sense that anyone can be expected to have something to say or express about it if they so wish. I e don’t write about the ritual ocarina you were given by a shaman in Kazakhstan. It can however be an everyday object that is special to you, like that pen knife you were given by your father on your twelfth birthday. On the other hand it might just as well be a coaster you probably bought seven or eight years ago at Ikea but you don’t really remember or don’t really care – if that inspires you.
5. The object may not be a book, a work of art or a record.
6. Be as funny or solemn as you wish.
7. Be as brief or as longwinded as you wish (within the limits given by the 36-page fanzine format).

After deadline all the writing and art was posted to the contributors who then had the chance to “comment” on each other’s contributions by making a new one about the same object. This is the result.

Editor: Joakim Norling
Designed by: Petra Schulze-Wollgast

Contributors: Bengt Adlers, Derek Beaulieu, Ingemar Breithel, Dolly Dolly, Jonas Ellerström, Per Engström, Bobbilott Fika, Hr Henningsson, Elisabeth Mansén, Joakim Norling, David Price, Petra Schulze-Wollgast, Paul Snowdon, Robin Tomens.

36 pages, edition of 100, full colour digital print.


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Robin Tomens: Too Much To Bear

Robin Tomens: Too Much To Bear


There is something very unsettling about the collages in Robin Tomens’ Too Much To Bear, his first book for Timglaset Editions. The style is graphic, bold and punky. Images of luscious women in cocktail dresses and successful men in sixties suits are juxtaposed with industrial architecture, weaponry, snippets of political writing and advertising slogans. The dream of endless happiness in the consumer society has gone awry. And if there’s a wry irony in messages like “taste that beats the other cold” and “key to a richer life” in the early pages of the book, then the second part quickly descends into an even darker place where “every man is his own furnace”.

Too Much To Bear is made up of 24 collages in full colour. Hand-bound digital print with a rubber-stamped card cover. Edition of 100 numbered copies.

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Robin Tomens is an artist and writer living in London. His book about jazz, Points of Departure, was published in 2001. More of his collages and visual poetry at Out Of My Mind.

Robin Tomens: Too Much To Bear
28 pages
20 x 20 cm CMYK
Hand-bound & hand-stamped
Edition of 100

Sweden and the UK: £12,30

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Rest of Europe: £14,60

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Rest of the World: £15,00

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Timglaset #3 Nonsense is the sixth sense

This issue of Timglaset fanzine is dedicated to the absurd, the nonsensical and the grotesque. Jokes and puns as serious artistic endeavour, but also boredom, seriousness and earnestness used to absurd or humouristic ends.
Some of the inspiration was provided by:
Akbar del Piombo Fuzz Against Junk (book), Eric Andersen The Untactis of Music (song), Hugo Ball Karawane (poem), Jacques Carelman Catalogue d’Objets Introuvables (drawings), Ivor Cutler Lemon Flower (song), Bill Domonkos, GIF-animations, Bruno Dumont P’tit Quinquin (film), Jean Ferry Traveller With Luggage (story), Robert Filliou Futile Box (artwork), Franquin Black Pages (comic), John Greaves Peter Blegvad Lisa Herman Kew.Rhone. (album), Peter Greenaway The Falls (film), Ernst Jandl Tohuwabohu (poem/song), Lyrikvännen 6/2012 Nonsens (magazine issue), Marx Brothers Mirror scene from Duck Soup (film), Francis Picabia Parade Amoureuse (painting), Erik Satie A Mammal’s Notebook (writings), Soft Machine A Concise British Alphabet (song), Emmett Williams Duet (spoken word), ZNR Garden Party (song).
Editor: Joakim Norling
Design and co-editor: Kolja Ogrumov
Contributors: Bengt Adlers, Tryne Algbom, Paul Bareham, Michael Björn, Ivor Cutler, Dolly Dolly, Bobbilott Fika, Amande de Frumerie, Elias Hillström, Ozelot, Petra Schulze-Wollgast, Paul Snowdon, Robin Tomens.
36 pages, edition of 100, full colour digital print
The release party was held at Östervärns antikvariat & bokhandel, Malmö and included a talk with, poetry by and the firing of a toy gun by Bengt Adlers, Jonas Ellerström on Ivor Cutler and a tribute to Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd by Bengt Adlers, Joakim Norling and Bobbilott Fika.

Timglaset #2 The Psychogeography of Imaginary Cities


Some of the inspiration provided for this issue was Judith Schalansky’s novel Atlas of Remote Islands, the back cover of Laura Nyro’s album New York Tendaberry, Träsket by Kristian Petri (book), James Ferraro, Global Lunch (song), Ben Katchor’s Julius Knipl, Real Estate Photographer (cartoon), Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius by Jorge Luis Borges (story), Johannus Arpensium’s Ostend (Invisible Cities) (song), Mark Hollis’ Thamesmead project (artworks), Viktor Rosdahl’s Bröllopsnatt på SKF (painting), Paulina Pietilä, Trappa 1 (painting), the rooftop scene from Paris Nous Appartient by Jacques Rivette, Danny the Street (comics character), childhood memories of Kronprisentorget, Malmö.

Editor: Joakim Norling
Designed by: HollisArt

Ingemar Breithel, Dolly Dolly, Jonas Ellerström, Elias Hillström, Mark Hollis, Mattias Holmberg, Joakim Norling, Eddie Spex, Robin Tomens.

This issue of Timglaset included a custom-made postcard with a download code for Det andra Malmö by Testbild!,a musical portrait of vanishing vistas of Malmö, photographs by Rattigan Glumphoboo and a film by Kolja Ogrumov.

Edition of 100, 32 pages, full colour digital print


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Download Det andra Malmö by Testbild! for free (or pay whatever you like)

The release party was held at Östervärns antikvariat & bokhandel, Malmö and included the first screening of Det andra Malmö by Kolja Ogrumov featuring the music of Testbild! Other highlights included a recorded version of Ernst Jandl’s poem Bericht über Malmö.

Watch Det andra Malmö by Kolja Ogrumov, with music by Testbild! and photos by Rattigan Glumphoboo.

Timglaset #1 The Kitchen Sink Surrealist


The interpretation of the motto has been subjected to the individual whims of the contributors. Some of the inspiration mentioned has been The Hearing Trumpet, Edward Gorey, abstract surrealists like Bertil Lundberg and Graham Sutherland, Mumsy, Nanny, Sonny & Girlie, Rawlinson’s End, sound of Time Attendant, collages by Max Ernst, Carré’s ice making machine, the cover art of Bombastica!, music by Lars Werner & hans vänner, drunkenness and friendship, Daisies, Denise Bellon’s photograph of women of the surrealist group in 1960 and Polish book covers from the 60’s.

Editor: Joakim Norling
Designer and co-editor: Kolja Ogrumov

Contributors to this issue: Ingemar Breithel, Dolly Dolly, Jonas Ellerström, Frida Everling, Leonor Fini, Amanda de Frumerie, Rattigan Glumphoboo, Elias Hillström, Joakim Norling, Paul Snowdon, Lars-Håkan Svensson

Full colour digital print, edition of 100


Download a free pdf of this issue!

English translation of Leonor Fini’s story The Stubborn Girl

Timglaset were kindly invited as guests to a release party at Ellerströms förlag. Elias Hillström read his poems from the issue, Amanda de Frumerie’s painting was displayed and a recording of Dolly Dolly reading his story (S)Exit was played.

Listen to or download remixes of Dolly Dolly’s (S)Exit here!